Global Brand Design for lila fibre

Worldwide coherent branding

For 15 years the fibre technology experts from VX Fiber support municipalities and cities with building and operating future-proof Open Acces Fibre Networks. With its roots in Sweden, the corporation is now to be found throughout Europe, South Africa and South East Asia. So far the consumer brand LilaConnect was performing in different looks in each country. With a strategic branding process gestaltig transformed a brand with many local appearances into a coherent, lastingly strong brand that can live up towards the expectations of a global brand. Always aware of the diverse market- and target group specific characteristics, the new global branding guarantees one common voice in terms of brand design, tonality and storytelling for LilaConnect.

Awarded with the German Design Award »Winner« 2024.

Focussing on the LilaConnect markets in the United Kingdom, Austria and Germany, all characteristics of the markets have been analyzed and synchronized accordingly. All important aspects as to the brand character, value system and target group segmentation up to the detailed design guides for campaigns, brochures or business stationaries have been compiled in the Global Brand Book in an uncomplicated way to be applied and released easily in a day-to-day business.

Target group specific marketing

To address the diverse target group segments, identity-giving graphical systems were developed, which make the brand recognizable as belonging together while still being distinguishable among the different target groups (private, business customers, real estate and housing corporations).

Campaign design for the gigabit-home

With its upwards moving colour spaces the dynamic and modern orientation of the fibre provider brand is appropriately communicated. From now on, the prominent colour gradient »Lila Dawn« proclaims the anticipation of the coming gigabit-world and at the same time adds up to precisely defining the profile of the global brand. Here, authentic and cheerful user-situations are clearly in focus – multi-ethnic for different markets.

Campaign for the business sector

For the business target group, more white space in the layout supports the more sincere orientation and the formal message: »Focus on your business.« Appropriately, owners of small businesses in their authentic working surrounding are the clear focus of this look, while the technical device always becomes a reliable side issue.

Web design: Central medium for the potential fibre customer

Supported by the clear target group segmentation the website becomes the main actor for the interested user. Here as well the newly developed graphical systems help with differentiating clearly between the business sectors and target groups. Dynamic graphics, cheerful photographs, modern and minimalistic icons and a lot of white space create a friendly, not too technical and modern overall appearance – a look that has the possibility to communicate all desired brand characteristics, values and promises.

Business Stationary Design

All relevant material for inter-media business and brand communication are recognizable quickly thanks to the the new, modern and light appearance. Especially the discreet incorporation of the Lila-Dawn element in contrast to the paper white gives the business stationary system a nice touch and at the very first contact with the brand an idea of the dynamically upwards/forwards feeling of LilaConnect.

Info graphics

The first contact with the brand LilaConnect should most definitely be an emotional one. Only while stepping deeper into the topic, info graphics and figures come into play. These – fitting to the overall appearance of the new brand in a minimalistic and unobtrusive way – are giving the potential fibre customer an understanding of all necessary topics like fibre technology, home connection and construction process. In the reduced, isometric look these infographics are the ideal addition to the other design elements and a perfect entry into the technical details of the gigabit-world.


With a thought-through overall concept the global orientation of LilaConnect is harmonized and bundled precisely. The Lila-Dawn colour gradient is combining element and fitting to the name, identity-giving. With discreet design variations this system allows a clear and specific target group segmentation.